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Researches & Development

Permanent development of products and machinery and looking for what is modern and new were among the most significant aims that Al Tawi Company for Concrete Parts & Cemented Products sought to achieve. So, the company was the first to have the first mixer-pump in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a contribution in developing this important industrial sector. In addition, the company cared with training its technicians in continual course believing in the importance of improving the laborers sufficiency the matter that reflects positively on improving their performance in executing new developed projects in the field of construction and building. Consequently, the company utilizes the elite of ready concrete production specialists in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.The company worked on improving its performance continuously through installing central mixers in the eleven branches which are considered the most modern ready concrete mixers not only in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but all over the world believing the importance of speed performance. That granted Al Tawi Co. wide reputation all over Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company and its laborers are proud of its good name and work to assure this priority. Development Examples include:1.      Producing an environment friendly huge mass concrete with the following specifications:·        High stressed comparison.·        Comparing salts, sulfates, and chlorides.·        Internal low temperature (lower than 63oc)2.      Producing High Stressed Concrete whose strength is ranged between 60N/m2 to 100 N/m2      

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