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Prophet Mohammed (Peace and Blessing Be Upon Him) says “All of you are guardians and responsible for your subjects”
After Allah’s Guidance, Al Tawi Company for Concrete Parts & Cemented Products depended on its human resources in reaching the successful achievement and clients trust through offered services and products.
Through more than 1800 employee comprising the human resources of Al Tawi, the company managed to be the first among all other companies working in the sae field. The staff includes:
·        Technical experts and consultants of the highest degrees of proficiency and skills.
·        Civil engineers having the highest certificates from international universities.
·        Skilled and trained Technical manpower to execute the most difficult projects.
·        Administrative, legal, marketing, and selling proficiencies.
·        Communication network connected with scientific research centers executed by a group of communication experts to consult and give opinions about the new in ready concrete field.
·        Skilled drivers to deliver ready concrete products to the most rugged areas all over Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
·        Equipped Teams to maintain and repair vehicles in all roads and sites for instant repairing.
·        Integrated group of maintenance, cleanliness, gardens, and other services laborers.
·        Security officers to guard the company establishments, primary materials, machinery, and technical equipment.
·        At last, a senior management thinks that its most important duties are commitment, honesty, seriousness, and balance in dealing with customers.

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